Juan Carlos Vaquerano, MD

Center Medical Director


Dr. Vaquerano brings over 15 years of experience to Suvida as a physician specializing in Family Medicine. His passion for practicing medicine was driven by his inherent curiosity to learn, research and discover answers through the study of science and medicine. He graduated from the University of Dr. Jose Matias Delgado in El Salvador and completed his residency at the University of Texas at Houston McGovern Medical School.

Dr. Vaquerano finds true fulfillment in establishing relationships with his patients that are built on mutual respect and trust. That way his patients always feel comfortable opening up about their needs and concerns and then he can provide them with high-quality medical care. Dr. Vaquerano also believes in treating each one of his patients as he would want someone in his own family to be treated, which also fosters a prosperous patient-physician relationship. Lastly, through his extensive experience of providing comprehensive care to senior patients, Dr. Vaquerano has learned that it’s best to treat patients as a whole and not to just treat their diseases.

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