José Javier Guzmán, MD

Center Physician


Since childhood, I dreamed of being a doctor. That dream was probably the product of my favorite TV shows (about doctors) and multiple events for underserved communities that my mother’s employer-sponsored in which the whole family participated. My passion for medicine intensified after my experience in Guadalajara, Mexico where I completed my medical degree. The patients I treated there received me and my care for them with love and humility. I feel blessed to have been able to serve so many people who otherwise would not have received appropriate medical attention. After completing my medical degree at La Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara in Jalisco, México, I realized that preventive medicine is the key for better health and as a result, better quality of life. That was the reason I decided to become a Family Doctor. Throughout my professional medical experience particularly with the Latin community, I have strived to manage chronic conditions and improve patient care towards the achievement of better overall health for my patients and sometimes their families.

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