Diana Cativo, MD


Center Physician


Dr. Cativo is originally from El Salvador, where she graduated from medical school at the University of El Salvador in 2009. Afterwards, she completed her Internal Medicine training at New York Medical College, specializing in senior care at the Metropolitan Hospital of the NYC Health + Hospital system. In 2021, she made the move to Houston and continued her work with the senior population at Dedicated Senior Medical Center (ChenMed). While there, she discovered a true passion for the value-based care model.

With a strong belief that doctors play a pivotal role beyond treating medical conditions, Dr. Cativo sees herself as a compassionate listener who provides a safe space for patients to discuss their concerns and worries affecting their physical and mental well-being. Drawing from personal experiences, she finds great fulfillment in offering words of comfort and encouragement during challenging times and creating moments of joy through shared laughter when working with the senior population.

Dr. Cativo is fluent in Spanish and English and enjoys traveling with her family during her free time. Specializing in Internal Medicine, she holds memberships from esteemed organizations such as the American College of Physicians, the American Medical Association, and the Texas Medical Board.

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