Clinic prioritizing Hispanic healthcare to open permanent location in south Austin

AUSTIN (KXAN) – Suvida Healthcare, a clinic focused on serving Hispanic seniors, announced it will open a permanent south Austin site in June. Representatives from the clinic said they hope their services will make it easier for this population to access healthcare.

“We want to be a valuable resource in the neighborhoods that we’re placing our centers in. It is really important for us to be mutually beneficial for our entire community. And we understand that it’s going to be a group effort to provide care for our Hispanic seniors. And we feel like we’re just the missing puzzle piece,” said Vanessa Garcia, neighborhood center director for Suvida.

Suvida’s goal is to focus on understanding the cultural values of Latinos where their clinics are located. Each center will have a “guia” – the Spanish word for “guide” – who will work with the patients and their family members to make navigating healthcare less overwhelming.

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